The Top 100 Liberal Arts Professor Blogs

October 1st, 2005

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Academics are flocking to the Internet like never before. In particular, many are running to the World Wide Web to start blogs. Faculty members from traditional and online colleges across the world are connecting with people on a whole new level. Let’s face it – academia can actually be very lonely at times. Not only can blogging be cathartic for professors, it can allow for valuable feedback from students and/or colleagues.

Liberal arts subjects are wildly varied. From art to science, the major disciplines have long been considered part of the liberal arts. Below are 100 of the most interesting and popular blogs written by liberal arts professors. They have been divided into subject and alphabetized, as it would be virtually impossible to arrange them according to importance.


  1. Cronaca – This insightful blog is written by David Nishimura, art historian and collector of old writing instruments. You will find posts on this blog related to art, history, antiques and related topics.


  1. CARPE DIEM – This economics blog is written by Dr. Mark J. Perry, a professor of finance and economics at the University of Michigan. Dr. Perry has been blogging about the changing economy since 2006 and this site is well-regarded amongst students of the subject.
  2. Cold Spring Shops – This professor’s blog offers thoughts on economics, academics and more. The blogger seems to have a fascination with trains, which is also oddly compelling.
  3. Division of Labour – A group blog maintained by economics scholars, you can read the thoughts of many revered professors here.
  4. Greg Mankiw’s Blog – Greg Mankiw is a Harvard professor of economics and is renowned for this blog. Students of economics should definitely bookmark this informative and regularly updated site.
  5. Newmark’s Door – A long-running blog from Craig Newmark, a self-described “middle-aged economist.”
  6. voluntaryXchange – This blog has been operating for many years and is written by economist David Tufte.


  1. Dangerously Irrelevant – One of the most popular edublogs on the Net, Dr. Scott McLeod maintains this site. McLeod is currently the coordinator of the Educational Administration program at Iowa State University.
  2. Pedablogue – This blog is described as a “personal inquiry into the scholarship of teaching.”
  3. Sherman Dorn – Here, Professor Sherman Dorn explores the history and politics behind today’s educational system. He currently instructs education courses at University of South Florida.


  1. the age of perfection – A medievalist and recent P.h.D. this professing blogger is currently on the tenure track and has plenty to write about.
  2. Alliterative – This English professor has a philosophical approach to both literature and life.
  3. Amardeep Singh – Titled after the author, this blog is written by an Assistant Professor of English at Lehigh University. Here, Singh offers thought-provoking posts on literary criticism, among other topics.
  4. Anglo-Saxon Aloud – Michael D. C. Drout, English professor at Wheaton College, offers frequent podcasts of him reading the entire Anglo-Saxon Poetic Records in the original Old English text.
  5. Another Damned Medievalist – As the name would suggest, this blog is maintained by someone who specializes in medieval literature. This is a highly popular and entertaining academic blog.
  6. Bardiac – This is a fascinating blog by a feminist, Shakespearean literature professor.
  7. The Bitter and the Sweet – This blog is anonymously written by a feminist professor of literature. “Bittersweet Girl” hopes to find both the bitter and the sweet in life.
  8. The Classroom Conservative – Authored by an English professor and self-described conservative, this is a thought-provoking academic blog on education and popular culture.
  9. Critical Mass – Erin O’Connor, an associate professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania, writes this extremely popular academic blog.
  10. CultureCat – Clancy Ratliff is an assistant professor of English at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and this is a revered blog on writing, rhetoric and feminism.
  11. Dame Eleanor Hull – This English professor specializes in medieval literature.
  12. Doctorating – This blog, written by an English scholar, covers everything about academia and parenting.
  13. Earth Wide Moth – Derek Mueller, teacher and Ph.D. candidate, writes this perceptive blog about education, writing, rhetoric and more.
  14. Everybody’s a Writer – Learn about writing with Web technology from this “Mommy, P.h.D.”
  15. In Favor of Thinking – This tenured literature professor works for a “large urban university” and blogs about academics and life.
  16. Jerz’s Literacy Weblog – Learn plenty of useful writing tips from this professor’s blog.
  17. Korncrake! – Herr Professor Doktor Boethius P. von Korncrake is an internationally renowned literature professor who is currently the occupant of the Klaus Meine Chair of Medieval Semiotics at the Institut für Europäische Spielwissenschaft und Freizeitforschung in Bitterfeld, Germany.
  18. The Little Professor – With this blog, English professor Miriam Elizabeth Burstein brings the world all things Victorian and academic.
  19. Matthew G. Kirschenbaum – The author is an associate professor of English the University of Maryland.
  20. My Life as a Rabid Blog – Fascinating and long-running blog from an English instructor with a sense of humor.
  21. p-ramblings – Here is a fine example of an academic blog dedicated to critical reading and thinking.
  22. Planned Obsolescence> – Blogger Kathleen Fitzpatrick is an associate professor of English and media studies.
  23. scribblingwoman – Read about books, parenting and more on this English professor’s blog.
  24. Silliman’s Blog – This blog is dedicated to contemporary poetry and poetics.
  25. The Square Circuit – This English professor blogs about academia and personal moments, making for an informative and endearing site.
  26. To Delight and to Instruct – This feminist, assistant professor currently teaches British literature, writing, gender studies and modern drama.
  27. University Diaries – This English professor is blogging about life in modern academics in hopes to change things.
  28. Unlocked Wordhoard – From Dr. Richard Nokes, a literature professor at Troy University, comes this fascinating blog on all things medieval.
  29. Weblogs in Higher Education – Ken Smith, English professor at Indiana University South Bend, maintains this blog.
  30. Wormtalk and Slugspeak – Written by two English professors from Wheaton College, this blog should appeal to lovers of medieval studies, as well as the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
  31. Writing as Jo(e) – This anonymous blogger is a professor of writing and literature at a small science college.


  1. Cliopatria – This is a group blog maintained by various history scholars on George Mason University’s History News Network. This blog has been maintained since late 2003 and should be of interest to any history buff or student.
  2. The Cranky Professor – This blog covers history, architecture, politics and more. The professor may be cranky, but this site is always a joy to read.
  3. Easily Distracted – Here, Timothy Burke offers his views on history, academics, politics and more. This site has been maintained for many years and is still going strong.
  4. English Eclectic – Written by English history professor Paul Hasall, this blog covers topics related to history, gay rights and more.
  5. Inactive Notes of a Left-Wing Cub Scout – This amusingly titled blog is written by Jeffrey Pasley, a professor of history at the University of Missouri-Columbia.
  6. Liberty & Power – This is a group blog by academics on the History News Network site. The entries cover topics related to our past, present and future.
  7. – Janice Liedl is an associate professor of history at Laurentian University. She has been blogging since 2001 and offers her thoughts on academics and life here.
  8. Scattered & Random – This is a – you guessed it – scattered and random blog written by a history professor.
  9. squadratomagico – This is a fun, anonymous blog written by an associate professor of medieval history. The author’s husband also teaches at the same university.
  10. Tenured Radical – Claire B. Potter writes this blog, which is loosely based on the real-life characters she meets a professor of history and American studies.


  1. Casting Out Nines – Written by a math professor, this blog covers general education issues in addition to topics related to modern math education.
  2. A Gentleman’s C – “Angry Professor” is the username of this blogger. Teaching statistics to social science majors will do that to any professor.

Media / Technology

  1. The Chutry Experiment – Chuck Tryon is an assistant professor of film and media studies at Fayetteville State University. His “experiment” is a respected and long-running blog that he has been maintaining since 2003. The site covers many topics related to popular culture.
  2. details of a global brain – Professor Oliver Wrede, interactive media designer, offers personal and professional insights on this blog. Wrede currently resides on Cologne, Germany.
  3. Knowing and Doing – Personal and professional insights from an academic and computer scientist.
    Rays of Light – These are the musings of Ray Trygstad, IT expert, educator and naval officer.
  4. a thaumaturgical compendium – Alex Halavais is a “social architect” and assistant professor at Quinnipiac University. An instructor of interactive communications, his blog offers both personal and professional insights on the world.


  1. Dial “M” for Musicology – Jonathan Bellman and Phil Ford are the musicologists and instructors behind this blog. Here, you will find their perspectives on all things music.
  2. Metamorphosis Complete – This blog is written by a music professor who is adjusting to a new home and job.


  1. Asymptote – This could be one of the longest running academic blogs on the Web. Asymptote covers “philosophical approaches, departures, and drive-bys.” Always fascinating, philosophy students and deep thinkers should check it out.
  2. Crooked Timber – This group blog offers worldly insight from a series of scholars, particularly those who specialize in philosophy. This site offers many impressive points of view, making it one of the more fascinating academic blogs.
  3. Maverick Philosopher – This wonderful blog has existed in one form or another for years. Dr. William F. Vallicella writes it.
  4. The Meaning of Life – Well, this professor certainly doesn’t shy away from the most important question in philosophy.
  5. The Philosopher-Mom – Want to know how a Ph.D. with nine kids copes with life? This philosophy professor will tell you how on this delightful blog.
  6. The PoliBlog Collective – With this blog, Dr. Steven Taylor offers a “rough draft” of his thoughts.
  7. Thoughts Arguments and Rants – Maintained by an assistant professor of philosophy at Brown University, this blog should satisfy the existential musings of most philosophy buffs.


  1. academic coach – Dr. Mary McKinney, clinical psychologist and adjunct professor, authors this informative blog. You will find many useful tips on completing a dissertation here.
  2. Aetiology – This science blog is written by Tara C. Smith, an assistant professor of epidemiology. Her research mainly focuses on pathogens at the animal-human nexus.

Political science

  1. 11D – Formerly known as “Apartment 11D,” this is an informative and entertaining blog from a political science Ph.D. in New Jersey. The blog’s author, Laura, is not currently attached to a university. Instead, she is busy changing diapers and offering us fascinating insights on all things political and parenting.
  2. Angry Bear – Written by several economics Ph.D.s, Angry Bear focuses on politics, the economy and other current events. The site has a “left of center” approach to the topics.
  3. Austro-Athenian Empire – This is the Web journal of libertarian professor, Roderick T. Long.
  4. Daniel W. Drezner – Drezner is a tenured professor who offers his perspectives on politics, globalization, economics and more with this popular blog.
  5. Déjà vu – Another fine academic blog from History News Network, history professor Judith Apter Klinghoffer offers her views on the world with this corner of the Internet.
  6. Informed Comment – Here, you will receive one professor’s views on the Middle East, history and religion. Juan Cole, the author, is the president of the Global Americana Institute.

  7. Jacob T. Levy – This professor writes about politics, political theory, law, geekery and more.
  8. Mark Byron – Here, Mark Byron of Warner Southern College covers politics, the economy, sports and other topics that “pull my chatty-ring.”
  9. Milt’s FileThis political blog has been going strong since 2001, which is quite a stretch for the relatively new medium.
  10. Notablog – It may look like a blog, but the site contends that it is not. Still, it is an interesting place to read about politics and philosophy from an NYU professor.
  11. Outside the Beltway – This site is maintained by many academics and political experts and is an interesting blog to boot.
  12. PolySigh – A political science blog with some very in-depth accounts of today’s political climate.
  13. The Reality-Based Community – A political blog that pulls no punches from an opinionated professor.
  14. Rhetorica – Andrew R. Cline, Ph.D., offers analysis and commentary on today’s political landscape.
  15. Setting the World to Rights – This is a group blog about politics that is currently on a short hiatus, but is definitely worth mentioning on the list.
  16. SIVACRACY.NET – Siva Vaidhyanathan and a team of other academics offer political insights on this popular blog.


  1. Am I a woman scientist? – This is a blog written by an early career scientist who instructs at a Scandinavian university. A rare glimpse at the life of a female scientist, the site is a great read.
  2. Barely Tenured – Blogger Emma Jane is an associate professor of ergonomics at Granolan College. This site is about professing, parenting and other pressing issues in her life.
  3. FemaleScienceProfessor – This anonymously written blog by a female science professor is exceedingly popular and entertaining.
  4. NeuroDojo – This blog is written by an assistant professor of biology at the University of Texas.
  5. Pharyngula – Author PZ Myers describes his blog as “random biological ejaculations from a godless liberal.” How is that for an introduction?
  6. post doc ergo propter doc – This fun blog is anonymously written by a science professor. Here, the propter doc discusses academics, life and everything.


  1. Chasing Tenure – This untenured sociology professor has a lot to say about the modern academic world.
  2. Chris Brauer Media Project – Chris Brauer is a sociology professor who writes this blog on topics such as pop culture, politics, technology and life in general.
  3. How the University Works – Marc Bousquet is a tenured associate professor at Santa Clara University. His thesis dealt with 19th century participatory culture, although this blog focuses mainly on the modern higher educational system.
  4. Kieran Healy – A sociology teacher at the University of Arizona, Healy is about to join the faculty at the prestigious Duke University. This blog reflects personal and professional opinions on sociology and related topics.
  5. Not Your Typical Sociologist – This blog is not light reading in the least, but is interesting nonetheless.


  1. AKMA’s Random Thoughts – This blog offers personal and professional insights from a leading theologian and biblical scholar. A.K.M. Adam is currently a professor of New Testament and early church history at Seabury.
  2. Dr. Jack Rogers – Dr. Rogers is a professor of theology at San Francisco Theological Seminary and Moderator of the 213th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A).
  3. – A fascinating account of ancient Judaica, this blog is a fine blog on theological history.
  4. Prof. John Stackhouse’s Weblog – Professor Stackhouse specializes in theology and maintains a popular blog on current events and other matter related to the subject.
  5. sacra doctrina – The site mainly delves into the author’s interest in philosophical theology.
  6. – This is the Weblog of Dr. Mark DeVine, an associate professor of Christian theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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