50 Blog Posts Every High School Student Should Read

October 10th, 2005

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High school students have a lot of important decisions to make, decisions which will likely have an impact on the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, high school students don’t have the benefit of life experience to inform those decisions. They have to rely on the advice of others and their experiences. With the advent of the blog, high school students now have access to the collective wisdom of millions of people. Career advice, opinions about which colleges to attend, and information about how to make the most of college are all at your fingertips. We’ve scoured the Web to find great blog posts that are relevant, entertaining, and thought-provoking. Here are 50 blog posts that we think every high school student ought to read.

College Advice

1. Virtuous Code : This thought-provoking blog post discusses ways that you might be able to get an excellent education without ever going to college.

2. 20 Questions To Ask Your High School Counselor : The College Board has some great suggestions for things you need to ask your high school counselor. They stress the importance of taking charge of your educational future.

3. Is College For Everyone? : Jacques Steinberg of The New York Times explores the question in depth.

4. What Goes Into A Great College Essay : Jeannie Borin, a professional college counselor, gives you some great tips for writing the perfect college essay.

5. Class Struggle : Jay Mathews’ blog for The Washington Post raises some interesting questions about why the college admissions process is so difficult to understand.

6. All About You : This is a thought-provoking piece from the “Admissions Mavens” about finding your own likes and dislikes. Getting to know yourself is so important!

7. Why College Students Don’t Need Credit Cards : Lynn O’ Shaughnessy, expert on making college more affordable, writes this post about why college students do not need a credit card. Many college students are lured in by free giveaways on campus and end up wrecking their credit score before they even have a job.

8. My Best College Application Advice : Avoid common college application mistakes when you follow these simple tips.

9. Choose The Right Major in 3 Easy Steps : John Chang, blogger at “Hopeless to Harvard,” offers a simple process to help high school students select the right major.

10. How To Make A College Pro/Con List : High school student Chelsea Diana shares her strategy for choosing a college.

11. How To Tell If A College Is A “Party School” : Mark Montgomery, a college consultant, tells students how they can look at a school’s alcohol policy to see if it is a “party school.”

12. Siena Admissions: Quick Guide to the FAFSA : Having to fill out all those forms can be scary when you’re trying to get financial aid. Siena’s blog does a good job of de-mystifying the FAFSA.

13. Studies Show The SAT Still Sucks… : Interesting blog post discusses the results of research showing that the “new” SAT test isn’t any better at predicting college success than the old one.

14. How Many Colleges Should I Apply To? : High school students wondering how many schools they should apply to should read this informative blog post.

15. College Application and College Admission Glossary : This is a super-useful glossary for any high school student beginning the process of applying for college.

16. Why Borrowing Money For College In A Recession Is A Bad Idea : This blog post may be shocking to some people, but the author does a great job of explaining why the current job shortage plus the generally bad lending environment make it a bad idea to fund your education with a bunch of loans.

17. College Preparation Timelines : This is a detailed college preparation timeline, beginning with a high school student’s freshman year. Realize that there are specific steps you can take along the way to make your path into the right school easier.

18. How To Appeal Your SAT Score : Do you feel like your SAT score just can’t be that low? Here’s how you can appeal it.

19. College Inc : College Inc., a PBS documentary on for-profit education, exposes the real costs of going to college.

20. One Student’s Financial Aid Odyssey : It pays to know what you’re getting into when it’s time to apply for college. Here is a look at the journey of one student.

21. How to Save $23,000 On Your College Expenses : Ramit Sethi, author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich, writes this seriously thought-provoking blog post about the reasons why applying to a more expensive school might be a good idea if you want to save money.

22. The Costs and Benefits of Going To College—Is It Worth It? : Ben Casnocha writes an interesting blog on current events, books, and entrepreneurship. Interesting perspectives from a man who became the CEO of a start-up company at the age of 14.

23. 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Attending Your State University : In this blog post, strong arguments are presented that attending a state university can be a smart financial decision, as well as a sound academic choice.

Career Advice

24. If Lady Gaga Can Do It… : Tips on finding and landing your dream internship.

25. Why Surviving The Office Is Just Like Middle School : Surprising comparisons between success in the workplace and success in school.

26. The Hope Chest : This blog post talks about some unusual jobs you might not have thought of.

27. CAREEREALISM: 3 Reasons Unpaid Internships Pay : The author discusses the reasone why you can’t discount the value of on-the-job experience, even if you’re not getting paid.

28. Preparing For Your Job Interview : Whether it’s a summer job delivering pizza or your first internship job, you’ll have to interview at some point. Get some good tips on this blog.

29. 5 Recession-Proof Career Options : For high school students trying to select a career based on potential growth and future stability, this blog post offers some options you should definitely consider.

Fun Stuff

30. Pimp My Messenger Bag: Top 5 Student Gadgets : These cool gadgets are more for high school graduates getting ready to go to college than current high school students—but either way, they’d definitely make your life easier.

31. Wardrobe Essentials for College Girls : Let’s face it, if you’re in high school you could probably take this advice too, unless you have to wear a uniform. Strong style points for anybody looking to build a new wardrobe.

32. Prom Dress Made Out Of Gum Wrappers : Have you heard about the scholarship for the best prom dress made out of duct tape? Well, check this out. It’s so very environmentally conscious.

33. Funniest Commencement Speeches : You may not have any celebrities at your high school graduation, but you can still enjoy these hilarious commencement speeches from people like Ellen DeGeneres and Stephen Colbert.

34. Afraid Of Being Rejected? Don’t Be… You’re In Good Company! : This blog post highlights famous and successful people who didn’t get into their first choice of colleges.

35. Bring On The Learning Revolution! : Video of Sir Ken Robinson’s inspirational speech about the ways that we all learn best.

Succeeding In School

36. 7.25 Intentional Ways To Focus And Get The Most Out of Your Study Time : Kantis Simmons presents some excellent focus-boosting strategies that will help you waste less time while studying.

37. Teens and Distracted Driving : Every high school student who is learning how to drive should read this post. It could save your life.

38. Don’t Text In Class, and Here’s Why : Results of a scientific study showing that multi-tasking is sort of a myth, that you can’t really do two things at once, and why it actually makes you dumber.

39. Volunteer Opportunities : This post gives you some good ideas for finding volunteer opportunities to add to your resume.

40. Good Study Tips : Knowing how to study is almost as important as knowing what to study. This well-written posts goes over some of the most common study skills and techniques.

41. Your Guide to College Success With A Learning Difference : Students with learning differences can succeed in college with the right planning and support. Learn how to take charge of your education.

42. Stress Management Tips For Students : The demands on high school students have never been greater. Here are some tips to help you manage your stress.

43. The Steve Martin Method: A Master Comedian’s Advice For Becoming Famous. : Steve Martin is one of the most successful comedians of all time. How did he do it? His advice will help anyone, in any field, achieve his or her goals.

44. How To Become A Zen Valedictorian: Decreasing Your Stress without Decreasing Your Ambition : This blog post is filled with actionable tips that will help any student discover what he needs to do in order to be a “superstar” without running himself into the ground.

45. President Obama Speaks To High School Class of 2010 : This blog post summarizes the president’s remarks to a Michigan high school graduating class.

46. High School is Just A Game : A recent graduate’s 5 “essential tips” for making sure you make the system work for you.

47. The Change Blog: Procrastination and the Art of Allowing : You’re not in high school if you don’t occasionally procrastinate. But why is it that we do this? Interesting post.

48. How To Use Your Emotions To Make Better Decisions : Often, high school students are accused of being too emotional and not rational. Cath Duncan shows you how you can use emotions to be a better decision-maker.

49. How To Live in an Enchanted World : Dick Bolles, author of the well-known career book What Color Is Your Parachute?, gives us a delightful look at simple things you can do each day to “live in an enchanted world.”

50. Social Media Addiction: Real or a Myth? : Read this thought-provoking blog post to see if you might be addicted to social media sites like Facebook and MySpace.

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