50 Best Twitter Feeds to Follow the Economy

October 10th, 2005

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It is impossible to escape economics and the current recession. Everyone has felt its effects to some degree, but not everyone understands exactly how or why it occurred, operates, and may come to impact the future. Because the downturn affects every nation on the planet, people must pay attention to the factors that drive it up and force it to plummet alike. Whether an economics professional, a student hoping to enter the field, or someone simply concerned about what may come and how to prevent more negativity, these Twitter feeds provide excellent resources that lead to a greater understanding of the current financial atmosphere.

American Recoveryand Reinvestment Act of 20091. Recovery.Gov

The American government’s official Twitter feed for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 traces how all the money put into the country gets allotted, allowing citizens to see what goes on where.

2. National Debt Tweets

Updated daily, National Debt Tweets posts straightforward microblogs detailing the current amount the United States owes and whether or not it improves or declines from the day before.

3. WSJ Economy News

The Wall Street Journal’s Economy News Twitter feed looks at how the currently grim economic and financial climate impacts not only the United States, but other nations as well.

4. Real Time Economics

Another venture by The Wall Street Journal, Real Time Economics updates with the latest relevant headlines and links to their corresponding articles.

5. NYTimes Economix

This microblog looks at economics from a smaller, more personal perspective as well as international financial issues. It posts links to timely articles on the current outlook, how it came to be, and how it may turn.

6. freakonomics

Continuing his success with the Freakonomics book and blogs, Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D. Levitt discuss economics in a way that non-professionals can understand. They frequently apply many of their conjectures to the current climate as well.

7. NPR’s Planet Money

Planet Money tweets about economics on a global level, focusing on the interconnectivity of different business transactions and the politics that define them.

8. Chicago Public Radio

WBEZ posts frequently about business and economic news in the United States and beyond.

9.  Max Alter

This informative Twitter feed looks at every aspect of the current global economic recession. Alter pays particular attention to debunking myths and uncovering the truth behind many statements and statistics.

10. Financial Times

London’s Financial Times takes a global look at current investment and economic issues from all around the world.

11. FT US Economic News

For those hoping for a more narrowed focus when it comes to understanding the origins and possible outcomes of the recession, Financial Times offers an excellent Twitter feed dedicated solely to the United States.

12. The Economist

Follow the official feed of The Economist, which covers all the most up-to-the-minute news related to the broader economic outlook of the world.

13. The Economist

Obviously also affiliated with the previous Twitter, this particular feed focuses exclusively on American economic and financial issues.

14. CEPR

The Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, D.C. devotes itself exclusively to the latest ideas, opinions, news and trends from the meeting place between politics and money.

15. Tax Policy Center

Taxes and the regulations that dictate them obviously factor into whether or not economies thrive or collapse, and this Twitter feed posts articles regarding its research, philosophies, and predictions.

16. World Bank News

Read all about the latest developments with The World Bank, which offers assistance to the economies of over 100 developing nations and tweets occasionally about research regarding those in comparatively better states of repair.

Economics17. Trading Economics

This Twitter feed offers visitors news on investment and financial trends as well as the latest economic research.

18. MarketWatch

Market Watch updates its subscribers on breaking news stories involving business, economics, and finance.

19. CNNMoney.com

Both Fortune and Money magazines tweet through CNNMoney.com’s feed, offering updated information on finance, business, and economics news.

20. CNNMoney Breaking

Follow any and all breaking news stories related to money and finances through the second of CNN’s 3 currently active Twitters about current economics.

21. CNNMoney Market News

This CNNMoney newsfeed exclusively tweets about headlines affecting and affected by markets.

22. US Dept. of Labor

USDoL’s official Twitter updates throughout the day with articles on employment issues, safety, and other stories regarding the job market.

23. Economics News

Economics News tweets any and all headlines relating to economics whenever possible.

24. The Daily Reckoning

For over 10 years, The Daily Reckoning has reported on economics, research, and market analysis. Their Twitter carries on all of their work.

25. felixsalmon

Reuters financial blogger Felix Salmon tweets constantly about the current economic climate and other related subjects.

26. Milken Institute

Milken Institute Global Conference microblogs on the latest findings of its economic think tank, with updates revolving around business, philanthropy, and policy news stories.

27. World Economic Forum

Anyone hoping to follow movements and trends within the current economic climate from a global vantage point would do well to follow this informative Twitter feed.

28. Edmund Conway

Sun-Telegraph and Daily Telegraph economics editor writes about global finance, employment, and other related issues. Expect a few posts about electronic music and DJing as well.

29. Swift Economics

An unpretentious take on current economic forecasts and theories suitable for those unfamiliar with the precise technical language of money.

30. msnbc.com – Business

MSNBC’s Twitter dedicated solely to business news also closely follows any and all developments in the current recession.

31. FOXBusiness

This extremely bustling Twitter updates almost constantly with the latest headlines affecting businesses as they relate to the economic times in which they operate.

32. Currency Blog

Keep up with the flexible currency exchange rates and transfers as economies rise and fall and influence one another.

33. BusinessWeek

Financial, marketing, economics and business news from around the world crops up on this feed at a rapid-fire pace.

34. Investopedia

Investopedia focuses mainly on finances, investments, and other monetary matters that can impact an economy for better or worse.

35. HUD News

Since the bottoming out of the housing market played a significant role in the collapse of the American economy, the Department of Housing and Urban Development has been tweeting about all of the latest changes and trends.

36. The Mercatus Center

George Mason University’s Mercatus Center talks about current and general economic and legal news and theories from around the world through its extremely active Twitter feed.

37. Politiconomic

Politiconomic functions as an aggregator Twitter feed, posting the top business, economics, and related policy headlines and articles from various news sources around the world.

38. Eric Schneider

Eric Schneider tweets articles, videos, blog posts, op-ed pieces, and almost every other form of media involving every facet of business and economics.

39. Dambisa Moyo

Named one of Times’s Top 100, Dambisa Moyo tweets about economics, most especially the current climate in Africa and all the ways it can be helped.

40. Wayne Marr

University of Alaska Fairbanks business professor Wayne Marr microblogs on domestic and international economic news – most especially those directly influencing the current recession.

41. The Economist Café

This Twitter serves as a global network for economists to band together and discuss the current outlook as well as their own ideas and theories for where it came from and how to fix it.

42. Econoday, Inc.

Visitors to the Econoday Twitter feed can read about investments and business trends from all over the globe that have an effect on the overall economic climate.

43. Kevin Press

Kevin Press tweets about the economy in Canada and its political and business-related interactions with other nations.

44. EconomicTrends

International economic news, research, trends, and analysis make up all of the content on this extremely valuable Twitter feed.

45. Econmic Alert

This no-nonsense microblog posts quick updates on the statistics and numbers that drive the American economy up or down.

46. Tod Ginnis

Freelance financial writer Tod Ginnis aims to close gaps between economics and politics – all the while tweeting about their overlaps and how they impact the current outlook.

47. Harvard Business Rev

Learn how to succeed in rough and smooth times alike with this informative feed, which takes a look at current business trends, statistics, and news – all very handy when it comes to following the recession’s progress and how people adapt.

48. Forbes Entrepreneurs

For those hoping to look at a more positive aspect of the recession, Forbes honors businesses that show potential by using their creativity to grow and prosper in the face of rough times.

49. Fortune Magazine

Keep updated with the latest news and trends in economics and the business world with Fortune, which posts articles, research, and analysis relevant to contemporary times.

50. Recessionwire

With humor and insight, Recessionwire tweets about the economic downturn and nothing but the economic downturn. Everything gets covered here – from business to jobs to personal finance tips to investment and money news and much more.

Every man, woman, and child has felt the brunt of the latest plummet in the economy – for better or worse. In order to best understand how such an event occurred, how it currently influences the world as a whole, and how to prevent it from happening again, one must keep a close eye on all the news, research, and perspectives available. With these informative Twitter feeds, anyone can receive all the data they need to form a cogent opinion and clearer picture of the economic world today in quick, easy bites.

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