100 Most Inspiring and Innovative Blogs for Educators

October 1st, 2005

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Whether you work at elementary schools or online colleges, you will find that being a teacher is a difficult and often thankless job. Between lesson plans, unengaged students, and new emerging technologies, teachers need help now more than ever. Luckily, there are a few resources out there for educators looking for tips, empathy, and inspiration.

Blogs are a great way for teachers to connect with other great teachers around the world, find advice and inspiration, and learn new, cutting-edge teaching strategies. By visiting the 100 blogs below, you will find answers to all of your questions, as well as valuable teaching resources.

General Teaching Blogs

Get the latest tips, tools, and advice sure to help just about every teacher out there.

1. Free Technology for Teachers: Like the title says, this blog is a review of free technology resources and how teachers can use them. A must visit for teachers looking to integrate technology into education with no cost.

2. Creative Teaching: Targeted for parents and teachers, this site provides useful tips, suggestions, lesson plans, and worksheets to creatively teach children at the elementary and middle school grade levels. The information and materials cover reading, writing, math, science, and social studies.

3. Cool Cat Teacher Blog: Vicki is a teacher from Georgia and runs this regularly updated blog. Winner of many awards, you can listen to podcasts, watch presentations, and much more on how she inspires students and other teachers.

4. Homework Hotline: This site is a must visit for any teacher looking for interesting homework assignments. In addition to the downloadable PDFs, you can also find interesting videos to help students struggling in just about any subject.

5. Science of the Invisible: Dr. Alan Cann believes that ignorance is more expensive than education. Often posting on science related topics, you can also get his thoughts on academia.

6. Bald Worm’s Blog: Mr. Hitchen is the Head of English at the Falcons School for Girls in West London. He often posts amusing assignments, such as assigning a Flat World Story and poetry.

7. dy/dan: Dan Meyer is a high school math teacher stationed outside Santa Cruz, CA. With no ads, this blog is dedicated to the teachers handling the tough classrooms, and figuring out how to make the job better and easier.

9. Cliff’s Notes: Cliff is an Assistant Professor at The University of Memphis. Recent posts include the benefits of Web 2.0 as a teaching tool and knocking down the walls of the classroom.

10. Tomorrow’s Professor Blog: This blog is a partnership between MIT and Stanford University. The goal is to create a forum for issues concerning education, and to give students a useful source for learning about the present as a student and the future as a professional.

11. Bellringers: A public high school teacher from Dallas, Richie shares everything she ever learned about teaching she never learned from teacher in-service or professional development.

12. Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day: Just as she promises, Jane picks an item of e-learning interest on a regular basis and features it on her blog. They include new software and technology, and she shows teacher’s how and why to use them.

13. Hey Jude: Jude is on the Editorial Board of School Libraries Worldwide. Her blog contains thoughts on emerging technologies, innovation with web 2.0, and what this means for schools and school libraries.

14. NeverEndingSearch: Full of interesting posts, Joyce’s blog is an online school library journal. You can get all sorts of tips and information on how to utilize your own library from this blog.

15. Blue Skunk Blog: Doug is the Director of Media and Technology for the Mankato, MN Public Schools. His blog concerns the present and the future of school libraries,

16. TechnoTuesday: This blog is designed to offer helpful hints, tips, and tricks to teachers who are integrating technology in an authentic manner. Cathy regularly posts interesting stories and lessons with a technology related theme.

17. Kneigborhood of Knowledge: Currently in New Jersey, Mark is a third year seventh grade social studies teacher. Intended to be a supplement to the classroom, this blog also showcases some student created work and extra credit questions.

18. The Edublogger: This blog contains tips, tricks, ideas, and help with using web 2.0 and edublogs. You can learn how to get student’s to create their own surveys, set up widgets, and design their own blog.

19. Teacher in a Strange Land: Nancy is a K-12 music teacher from Hartland, MI. On this blog, you will find topics related to music, technology, testing, and more.

21. Bud the Teacher: Bud is an instructional technologist for the St. Vrain Valley School District in northern Colorado. He regularly posts pictures and assigns students writing tasks in a creative way.

22. Christopher D. Sessum’s Blog: Chris is interested in learning, teaching, and computing. He regularly blogs on social media as a tool for the classroom.

23. 2 Cents Worth: This blog examines the barriers that prevent the modernization of education systems and affect teaching, curriculum, the children, and their future. David is a teacher and asks the questions about what they do, why they do it, and how to adapt within a constantly changing environment.

24. Informal Learning Blog: Jay is the proprietor of the Internet Time Group, and is one of the first people to blog on learning. You can find a ton of information on informal learning for students and teachers.

25. Abject Learning: Brian is the Emerging Technologies Discoordinator with UBC’s Office of Learning Technology. His blog’s goal is to render the sensible incomprehensible, and he does this with various posts, dating all the way back to 2003.

26. Learning Curves: This anonymous blogger is a freshman math teacher at an unnamed school. Read about the ups and downs of this vocation, as well as many amusing stories.

27. The Stingy Scholar: This blog is full of information on how to learn for free by using the web. Although he hasn’t posted in a while, there are many free resources on a variety of subjects listed here.

28. Random Walk in Learning: This blog has an impressive amount of tools for teachers. Scroll down to find the latest in science, technology, and even get an interactive video for the periodic table of elements.

29. Learnlets: Clark is an independent consultant dedicated to bringing the best in learning projects. You can learn more about the social media, design, games, technology, and more.

30. McGee’s Musings: Jim regularly posts interesting stories that are valuable tools for stimulating older students. Believing curiosity needs to be celebrated and encouraged, he focuses on topics that will have students engaged instantly.

31. A Teacher’s Education: Mrs. Chili is an English teacher who started this blog as a way to share her lessons and get suggestions. You can get her reading assignments, syllabus, and more on this blog.

32. A Voice from the Middle: This blog contains the ramblings of a middle school teacher who shares insights on what it is like to be surrounded by hormonally challenged students. Popular posts include sexting, new grading systems, the shortage of male teachers, and standardized testing.

33. Confessions from the Couch: This blog contains tales from a young urban teacher on the front lines. It also has lesson ideas, classroom blunders, funny students, as well as complaints on the journey.

34. A Passion for Teaching and Opinions: Coach Brown teaches a variety of subjects, as well as coaching the JV basketball team at Ukiah High School. He regularly gives views and recommendations on teaching practices in addition to links to interesting stories for teachers.

35. Lead from the Start: This blog contains views on preschool, policy, and the teaching profession in general. Learn about teaching from this unique point a view, as well as interesting topics on the classroom in general.

36. A Difference: Dan teaches math in Canada and uses his blog to record and reflect his personal evolution of how to integrate technologies into teaching. Recent posts include what kids actually do online and provoking images for the classroom.

37. Artichoke: A teacher from New Zealand, Pam blogs on information technology and teaching. Learn about the New Zealand education system, her lesson plans, and more teaching related topics.

38. Borderland: Doug believes teachers need to be creatively flexible because even if curriculum is standardized, the students are not. Read about classroom initiatives, merit pay, the president’s education policy, and more from this blog.

39. NYC Educator: This anonymous blogger posts on better ways to teach children in addition to the latest in education news. A recent post was entitled The Great Education Myth dealing with the raising of educational standards.

40. Weblogg-ed: Will is the Learner in Chief at Connective Learning and blogs on the use of Weblogs, wikis, RSS, audiocasts and other Read/Write Web related technologies in the K-12 realm. Blogging since 2002, he gives a ton of useful advice to teachers who are looking for new and innovative methods.

41. Stephen’s Web: This blog is devoted to innovation in the use of online media in education. Popular articles include e-learning 2.0, essay writing, and the future of the new media in education.

42. The Power of Educational Technology: Liz is the Director of Academic Technology at Belmont Hill School, a 7-12 school outside of Boston, MA. Regularly posting on technology and the classroom, teachers can learn how to Twitter, get the latest in tech tools, and how to grow their learning network.

43. Brave New World: This blog gives many useful tools for teachers that can be easily found on the web. Get help with Twitter, recommendations for online collaboration, and useful YouTube videos from this site.

Specialty Subject Blogs

Those teachers looking for inspiration on a particular subject will find the below blogs of interest.

44. Extreme Biology: The primary contributors to Miss Baker’s blog are her ninth grade and AP biology students. Read posts on various biology related topics, as well as a video of students doing a shark dissection.

45. Mr. Kootman’s Class: This blog is maintained by a fourth grade class at the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. Often letting his students post, Mr. Kootman’s blog is an insightful look at the classroom from both points of view.

46. Just a Substitute Teacher: Mr. P. is a semi-retired software engineer, who substitute teaches at a K-6 school. Learn about teaching from this unique point of view, as well as how to teach in several different subjects.

47. Dr. Homeslice: Mike Antonucci is a teacher and a member of the EIA union. In this blog, he highlights teacher union happenings all around the United States, including grievances, contract negotiations, elections, and strikes.

48. Cardinal Wolsey’s Today in History Blog: This blogger poses as the infamous Cardinal under Henry VIII and posts on related topics. You can get his opinion on everything from ancient history to current events.

49. History is Elementary: This blog is for history teachers, as well as anyone who enjoys the subject. Popular posts include the American Revolution, sex in the classroom, and Martin Van Buren.

50. American President’s Blog: This site is devoted to the American Presidency, specific American Presidents, and First Ladies. Learn about everyone from Abigail Adams to Zachary Taylor on this easy to read blog.

51. Polar Science 2006: Although Thomas hasn’t posted in a while, this blog is full of information for those interested in teaching about global warming. You can read reports from scientists, as well as the blogs of students.

52. Teach J: Robert is a journalism and media technology instructor near Houston, and teaches advanced journalism, yearbook production, newspaper production, broadcast journalism, photojournalism, desktop publishing, web mastering, and video technology. In addition to different syllabuses, you can also get cool links and interesting videos.

53. Discovering Biology in a Digital World: Sandra is a microbiologist and molecular biologist turned tenured faculty turned entrepreneur. Focusing on and explaining bioinformatics, you can find activities for students, lessons on biology, and recommendations on resources.

54. Larry Ferlazzo: Larry links to websites that help teach ELL, EFL, and ESL. This site is ideal for those teachers looking to instruct on or in another language.

55. Videoconferencing Out on a Lim: Janine coordinates videoconferencing for 18 school districts in southwest Michigan. On her blog, you will find out about her experiences, curriculum thoughts, and technology rants related to K-12 videoconferencing.

56. Go Engineering!: This blog is run by the American Society for Engineering Education and intended to help K-12 teachers stimulate students’ interest in engineering. In addition to a twice-monthly newsletter, you can learn about their workshop, read news, and get different engineering-focused lessons, including how to get kids to build a solar powered car.

57. Teaching College Math: A college math instructor at Muskegon Community College in Michigan, Maria loves to play with technology. Focusing on technology related to math, you can also find resources and tutorials.

58. Kenneth’s ESL Blog: Kenneth has taught English in Germany, New York, and Italy. On his blog, you can get a starter’s guide to English, instructional videos, as well as innovative assignments.

59. WisBlawg: From the library at the University of Wisconsin, this blog is intended for law students. Bonnie enjoys challenging questions and posts them regularly on this blog.

Best Podcasts for Teachers

When reading a blog isn’t enough, or when you don’t have enough time, download and listen to these podcasts devoted to all aspects of teaching from history to emerging technology.

60. Hardcore History: The very unconventional Dan Carlin takes his outside-the-box way of thinking and applies it to the past. Topics include Alexander the Great versus Adolf Hitler, what would Apaches with modern weapons be like, and will our civilization ever fall like those from past eras?

61. Bit by Bit: Bob is an Elementary Technology Integrator in Wells, ME. His blog and podcasts are a place for thoughts, discoveries, links, and tips.

62. Wicked Decent Learning: Teachers from Maine gather in these podcasts to talk about their profession. Topics include in-service teaching, merit pay, and sixty other podcasts to choose from.

63. Xiphos: This collection of podcasts focus on the changing face of the classroom. In addition to the many other episodes, be sure to listen to “Disruptive Innovation in Education,” which examines an engaging new way to run the class.

64. Twenty Minutes for Tech: Any teacher who is interested in using technology in their classroom, should set aside time for this podcast. Learn how to connect your students with others around the world, why cellphones in the class can be a good thing, and how to videoconference.

65. Teachers Teaching Teachers: This weekly podcast contains the true stories of K-13 teachers and their classrooms. Learn the most effective practices in technology, studying research, and new media from this blog.

66. Grammar Girl: Get quick and useful tips for writing from this popular podcast. Popular episodes include Generic Singular Pronouns, Between versus Among, and Proofreading Tips.

67. Coffee Break French: A must visit for any and all French teachers. In addition to regular podcasts, additional materials include lesson notes, bonus listening materials, and videos shot in and around Paris to help with the French language.

68. Coffee Break Spanish: Like its French counterpart, this podcast helps students pick up Spanish gradually by listening to weekly lessons. With twenty and counting to choose from, Spanish teachers will find this podcast immensely helpful.

69. Pixel Heads Network: Any teacher looking to create a video or digital media for themselves or as a project for their students should visit this site. The podcasts include a ton of information on editing, sound, web development, podcasting, and more.

70. Freedomain Radio: For older students, this podcast focuses on politics, philosophy, psychology, economics, relationships, and atheism. With over 4 million downloads, make time for this controversial podcast.

71. Tips from the Top Floor: Those who teach photography should stop by this podcast. The episodes contain a ton of information on digital photography, and the site includes daily photo tips, instructional videos, and more.

72. Children’s Ministry Monthly: Sunday school and related teachers should visit this podcast, devoted to the needs of children’s ministers. It includes lessons and tips with a child’s religious needs in mind.

73. Astronomy Cast: This podcast is essential for any amateur astronomer or anyone interested in astronomy or cosmology. Teachers can find a ton of episodes on the latest discoveries in astronomy.

74. The Naked Scientists: Not as risqué as it sounds, this podcast is a media-savvy group of physicians and researchers from Cambridge University who use radio, live lectures, and the internet to strip science down to its bare essentials, and promote it to the general public.

75. Podcasts for Teachers: Fordham University provides Ed tech expert, Mark Gura, and professor Dr. Kathy King, for the latest resources, news, interviews, and commentary on technology innovations’ meaning for teachers, students, and schools.

76. The Education Podcast Network: The EPN is an effort to bring together into one place, the wide range of podcast programming that may be helpful to teachers looking for content and to explore issues of teaching and learning in the 21st century.

77. Save the Teacher!: Although Phyllis hasn’t posted a new episode in a while, these podcasts are still worth a visit for their portrayal of teachers as heroes. Her mission is to maximize, empower, and inspire teachers to make learning a joy.

78. Parents as Partners: This is a forum for parents and educators to discuss issues related to parents and schools. Listen to an episode, or even learn how to participate as a parent or teacher.

79. Secondary Worlds: Maintained by an Assistant Professor of English at Grand Valley State University, this blog and series of podcasts utilize technology to support and expand the English language arts. You can find English lessons, links to other sites containing lessons, as well as videos on the subject.

Best Video Blogs for Teachers

Get the latest and best in lessons, activities, inspiration, and more from these sites.

80. TED: Ideas Worth Spreading: An essential source for all teachers, TED contains inspiring talks by the world’s leading thinkers and doers. You can choose from an impressive list of topics including technology, business, science, culture, art, and global issues.

81. Blackboard TV: This video blog is a multimedia effort to help e-Learning innovators visualize online teaching and learning in colleges and universities, K-12 schools, companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. A variety of teachers give their opinions on lessons, classroom strategies, and related topics.

82. Purdue University: Located in Indiana, this top university has a number of videos on a variety of subjects. Visit to learn more about current research, a machine contest, as well as many others.

83. National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning: Providing technical lectures from across India, there are over 3,000 to choose from. You can choose from Core Science, as well as several types of engineering. A must for teachers of science and technology.

84. UCTV: The University of California runs this channel for students, teachers, and educators across the globe. You can view lectures on a variety of subjects or get a student’s point of view from this regularly updated site.

85. MIT: With nearly 900 videos to choose from, teachers can find a variety of lectures on just about every subject imaginable from this top university.

87. TeAchnologydotcom: This site is dedicated to supporting educators, home schoolers, tutors, and parents of K-12 students globally. Find a variety of tips, lesson plans, and much more.

88. AIHE: The American Institute for History Education runs this channel and provides a variety of history related videos. Get a ton of useful resources for teaching on every major event in the history of the United States.

89. Adora’s Flying Fingers: With an appearance on Oprah to her credit, Adora is one of the leading child prodigy writers in the nation. Learn how she does it, or hear one of her award winning essays on this site.

90. Mrs. F: Mrs. F. is a teacher who regularly posts videos on class life. She often gets her students to make videos and you can view many on this site.

91. LearnHistory: With over 40 videos to choose from, the focus is on, but not limited to, the evolution of crime and punishment. Learn about everything from Roman justice to electronic tagging on this site.

92. Yad Vashem: Containing the world’s largest repository of information on the Holocaust, Yad Vashem is a leader in Holocaust education, commemoration, research, and documentation. This site is a must visit for those who teach this subject, and there are also videos available in Spanish and Hebrew.

93. New Scientist Video: This site brings you the very best news, ideas and innovations in science and technology. With over 500 videos to choose from, science teachers are sure to find many videos to stimulate their students.

94. David Colarusso: David is a former astronomy and physics teacher. In addition to the Tabletop Explainer, a series of science lessons, he also has an amazing video on building an electric car.

95. OdBodII: Follow Odbod as he travels around the world. Geography teachers will find the videos on Moscow, the Great Wall of China, the Cairo Museum, and the Taj Majal great tools for curious students.

97. BeloSale’s: Watch inspirational videos of teachers who have made a difference on this site. Learn how to make a difference in the life of a student just as these teachers did.

98. EvilKnevil1972: This site provides huge amounts of preschool learning information, pre k products, and free resources for parents and teachers. Get lesson ideas, activities, and more from the nearly 50 videos here.

99. Steve Spangler’s Science Channel: Steve shoots potatoes, makes toilet paper fly, and turns ordinary two-liter bottles of soda into giant geysers all in the name of science. Learn how to conduct your own similarly themed science experiment, or watch Steve do it himself.

100. Madrid Teacher: With over 80 videos to choose from, Madrid Teacher is ideal for English and Spanish students. In addition to videos to help learn English, there are also tips for teachers as well.

From preschool to graduate education, these 100 blogs are a great starting point for educators looking for inspiration and innovation.

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