100 Famous Writers You Can Follow on Twitter

October 1st, 2005

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Even if you are not a writer you will enjoy following the tweets of these 100 politicians, inspirational people, film makers, novelists, and more. Most of them are ranked by current popularity at twitterholic.

Famous Political Writers You Can Follow on Twitter

From current and past office holders, you can find many writers of political thinking in the below.

1. Barack Obama: Writer of “The Audacity of Hope,” he currently has a gig as President of the United States. Many of his tweets have to do with policy updates and his daily activities.

2. Al Gore: Renowned author, activist, and former vice president, Al Gore is leading the fight against global warming. He often tweets on sites and articles that interest him.

3. John McCain: War hero, senator, and Republican presidential candidate, John McCain has authored several books including “Faith of my Fathers.” Tweets often focus on public policy and interesting meetings he has had.

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger: The current governor of California and world renowned movie star has also co-written “The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding” and “Two Billion Cars.” Get updates on his busy schedule, along with items that interest him.

5. Sarah Palin: Currently the governor of Alaska and former vice presidential candidate, she is at work on a new book. Her tweets mostly deal with causes she is interested in.

6. George Stephanopoulos: Former Clinton advisor, he is currently ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent and host of “This Week.” He often tweets on headlines and occasionally his daily life.

7. Penn Jillette: Most famed for his comedic role in the Penn & Teller magic team, he has also authored several books on magic and humor. He now currently comments on political matters and his tweets are mostly on his daily life.

8. Gavin Newsom: He is the current mayor of San Francisco, a hopeful candidate for governor of California, and the author of “We Do: A Celebration of Gay and Lesbian Marriage.” Find out where he will be appearing or even send him a question via twitter.

9. Elisabeth Hasselbeck: She is the conservative co-host on “The View,” mother, and author of “The G-Free Diet.” Get updates on the show and tweets on being a mother.

Famous Inspirational Writers You Can Follow on Twitter

From talk show hosts to athletes to motivational speakers, find something inspiring in the tweets below.

10. Oprah Winfrey: Infamous talk show host, film actress, as well as writer and editor of her own magazine, Oprah is everywhere. She often tweets on what she is doing, who is on her show, and even asks her followers questions.

11. Lance Armstrong: Famed cyclist and author of his life story and a lifestyle book, he even co-authored a children’s book entitled “Mike and the Bike.” You can read how he trains and he often posts pictures.

12. Dr. Drew: An expert at rehab and love, Dr. Drew Pinsky has authored books on both subjects. He often tweets on his work, as well as shares inspirational thoughts.

13. Martha Stewart: Best known for her talk show “Living,” Martha is also the author of many cookbooks. Tweets include upcoming shows and what she is cooking today.

14. Brooke Burke: Famous model and mother, Brooke is a writer for “Modern Mom,” a magazine and community for women. Get updates for the website and tweets on what she is doing today.

15. Tony Robbins: Motivational speaker and successful business owner, Tony has authored several books on the subject including “Awaken the Giant Within” and “Unlimited Power.” Follow him on twitter to get many motivational words and tweets.

16. Threadless: This a community of t-shirt designers who often write odd, yet inspiring messages on clothing. Follow them to read the latest shirts or find out how to add your own.

17. Alan Carr: He is a well known self help writer whose books help people quit smoking and raise happy children. He often responds to his fan’s tweets and tells them what he has coming up.

18. Richard Branson: Sir Branson is a billionaire, adventurer, and author of many books on how he did it. Find out what he is up to by following his tweets.

Famous Actor/Writers You Can Follow on Twitter

Many actors used writing as a springboard and can be found tweeting below.

19. Ellen DeGeneres: A writer of her own talk show and sitcom, “Ellen,” you can find her on twitter. Her site also includes tons of links to Ellen related material.

20. Jimmy Fallon: Another talk show host, Jimmy is best known for his appearances and writing for “Saturday Night Live.” Get updates on his career, upcoming appearances, and random humorous thoughts.

21. Wil Wheaton: Best known for his role on “Star Trek: TNG,” Wil also wrote a few books on the show and being a geek. He still has a large following, who read his tweets on related topics.

22. Felicia Day: Best known for her roles in “Buffy” and “The Guild,” which she also wrote and created, Felicia is one of the pioneers of the new media. She likes to “keep tweets real” and they often are on her work, gaming, and other related topics.

23. Levar Burton: He won awards for his performance on “Roots” and gained a new following with “Star Trek: TNG.” Author of the sci-fi novel, “Aftermath,” Levar’s tweets center on his daily life.

24. Mandy Moore: Also a famous singer, Mandy is best known for her role in “A Walk to Remember.” She tweets on what she is up to, things she likes, and appearance updates.

25. John Cleese: This British actor is best known for his role on “Monty Python” and can be seen in the current “James Bond” movies. He has published a few humorous books and tweets on random thoughts and his day.

26. Seth Rogen: This actor has starred and written movies like “Pineapple Express” and the upcoming “Green Hornet.” Follow him to read his protected tweets.

27. David Henrie: This young actor is best known for his role on “The Wizards of Waverly Place.” He often responds to his fans tweets and lets them know what is going on with him.

28. Sarah Silverman: This controversial comedian has appeared in several films and television shows, including her own titled “The Sarah Silverman Program.” Her tweets are often humorous and racy.

29. Adam Sandler: The actor appeared in “Saturday Night Live,” “Little Nicky,” “Big Daddy,” and he also had a hand in writing them. Get random and humorous tweets by following him.

30. Amber Benson: Best known for her role in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” Amber is also the author of several books with “Death’s Daughter” as the latest. Get tweets on her daily life, politics, appearances, and more.

Famous Music Writers You Can Follow On Twitter

Rappers, country stars, and pop musicians often write their music and have made this list.

31. John Mayer: This musician is best known for his song “Your Body is a Wonderland” and his relationships with Hollywood starlets. His quirky personality comes through on his tweets.

32. Sean “P. Diddy” Combs: This rapper and songwriter is known for his flamboyant style, as well as his hip hop music. Get updates on how his day is going, along with random thoughts.

33. 50 Cent: A rapper and hip hop writer, 50 Cent is best known for his hit, “In Da Club.” Get tweets on music he likes and more.

34. MC Hammer: Best known in the nineties for hits like “Can’t Touch This,” Hammer now divides his time as a father and a preacher. Tweets contain things that interest him and even inspirational messages.

35. Sara Bareilles: This musician became widely followed after her album “Little Voice” was released in 2007. Get tweets on her daily life along with things she likes.

36. Dave Matthews: Leader of the Dave Matthews Band and Grammy award winner, Dave is best known for the song “Crash Into Me.” He often tells fans about things that interest and inspire him.

37. A Fine Frenzy: This alternative/indie band has a strong internet following. Alison posts mainly on things that are interesting and upcoming appearances.

38. Trent Reznor: He is best known for his role as lead singer of the band Nine Inch Nails. Be prepared for harsh language and tweets for life on the road.

39. Pete Wentz: Part of the group Fall Out Boy, Pete made headlines when he married Ashlee Simpson. Learn how married life is treating him and more from his tweets.

40. Ashlee Simpson Wentz: Married to the above and a recent mother, Ashlee is best known for her hit “Pieces of Me” and her controversial performance on “Saturday Night Live.” Get baby pics, love notes to her husband, and random thoughts.

41. Taylor Swift: This country and pop artist is best known for her hit “Love Story.” Tweets include her daily life, career, and musings.

42. Mariah Carey: This Grammy award winning singer broke onto the scene with her hit “Vision of Love” and followed it up with many more. Tweets include studio work and random thoughts.

43. Jimmy Eat World: This alternative band is known for hits such as “Pain” and “The Middle.” Tweets often include what they are up to, including the music.

44. Fred Durst: He is best known for his leading role in the band “Limp Bizkit.” He often responds to his fan’s tweets and posts on what he is currently up to.

45. Justin Timberlake: He is a former member of the band, N’Sync, and has had many solo hits. He often tweets on things that interest him.

46. Wyclef Jean: This Haitian musician was a former member of The Fugees and now has a solo career. Tweets involve politics and getting active.

47. Travis Barker: He is the former drummer of the band Blink 182 and has made many headlines. His tweets include music, being a dad, and his daily life.

Famous Book Writers You Can Follow on Twitter

Visit the below for the tweets of best selling and popular authors.
48. Stephen Fry: Stephen wears many hats and has also authored many books including “Moab is my Washpot,” “Revenge,” and “Stephen Fry in America.” Tweets are often strange and/or funny.

49. Stefanie Michaels: Also known as “Adventure Girl,” Stefanie has a related book entitled “Adventure Girl’s Guide to Finding Adventure.” Her tweets tell you what she is up to or give tips on adventure finding.

50. Jack Welch: Along with his wife, Suzy, Jack has published many books on business including “Winning” and “The Answer.” Tweets focus on business thoughts, sports, and questions for his followers.

51. Bill Simmons: With a role as the Sports Guy on ESPN, Bill is known for his “Now I Can Die In Peace” books. He often posts tweets on sports related material, but will throw in a tweet on something he found interesting.

52. Leo Laporte: Leo is a technology expert and has authored many books on the subject. Get tweets on where his latest advice and columns are appearing.

53. Tim Ferriss: He is the author of the best seller “The 4 Hour Workweek.” Tweets center around things that interest him.

54. Paul Coelho: He has written many books including “The Witch of Portobello,” “Warrior of the Light,” and “The Pilgrimage. Tweets are both in English and Portugese.

55. Kevin Smokler: His books often focus on how to improve your own writing. Get appearance updates, along with what he is up to.

Famous Internet Writers You Can Follow on Twitter

Writers are no longer limited to the printed page and can be seen on a whole new online frontier. Keep up to date with them by following their tweets.

56. Drudge Report: This internet writer is famous for telling the stories other media outlets won’t. Read the tweets to get up to the minute headlines.

57. Biz Stone: He is Co-founder of Twitter and also helped make Xanga, Blogger, Odeo, and has published two books about the social media. Posts come every few hours on where he is and what he is doing.

58. Pete Cashmore: Pete is the CEO of Mashable, a social media guide to the internet. Get the latest on the internet and other media outlets from his tweets.

59. Kevin Rose: Kevin is the founder of Digg, where many people go to the internet to write. He often tweets on internet updates and gives recommendations.

60. Justine Ezarik: She is the founder and writer of the popular site, iJustine. Get tweets on writing, daily life, and more.

61. Ana Marie Cox: She is the founding editor of the political blog, Wonkette, and the Washington editor of Time.com. Her tweets focus on political headlines and musings.

62. Frag Dolls: Brooklyn, Phoenix, Psyche, and others use the internet to write on all sorts of comic, video game, and related material. Their tweets contain the latest in gaming and what they are up to.

63. John Dickerson: John is “Slate” magazine’s Chief Political Correspondent, a political analyst for CNN and NPR, and the author of “On Her Trail.” Get the latest headlines from the magazine or items that interest him.

64. Tim O’Reilly: He is the force behind the O’Reilly Radar, which gives insight, analysis, and research about emerging technologies. Tweets mostly contain technology related headlines.

65. Dave Morin: A former employee of Apple, he now works for Facebook and often blogs on technology, entertainment, and design. If he’s not responding to follower’s tweets, he’s tweeting on what is going on with him.

66. Sarah Brown: She is the force behind the Million Mums White Ribbon Campaign. Get updates on her progress, as well as tweets expressing gratitude to her followers.

67. Zen Habits: This site shows readers how to Zen their lives easily and effectively. Tweets often update you on their latest post.

Famous Screenwriters You Can Follow on Twitter

You may have paid eight dollars to see their work, but you can read the tweets of these famous film and television writers for free.

68. Kevin Smith: Known for his role as Silent Bob in several movies, Kevin has also written such films as “Dogma,” comics, and books on his work. Tweets often focus on what he is up to that day.

69. Quentin Tarantino: An award winning writer, actor, and director, he is behind such films as “Kill Bill” and “Pulp Fiction.” Tweets are on items that interest him, musings, and appearances.

70. Diablo Cody: She is best known for winning an Oscar for her original screenplay, “Juno,” and is currently working on “The United States of Tara.” Follow her tweets to get quirky, humorous, and unique entries.

71. John August: This award winning screenwriter was the force behind “Charlie’s Angels,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” and “Go.” Get many tech related tweets, in addition to screenwriting ones, by following him.

72. Shonda Rhimes: This outspoken mother and writer is the force behind “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice.” Tweets often involve things that interest her and writing.

Famous Comic Book Writers You Can Follow on Twitter

With more and more movies coming out based on their work, writers of comics are worth a tweet or two.

73. Agent M: This blog gives an inside look at Marvel Comics, from the writers to the editors to a behind the scenes look. Get the latest updates from this leading comics publisher by following their tweets.

74. Neil Gaiman: Neil is the creator of ground breaking comics such as “The Sandman” and his novel, “Coraline,” was recently made into a movie. He often responds to his fans tweets and posts humorous ones of his own.

75. Warren Ellis: He is the award-winning creator of graphic novels such as “Planetary, “Transmetropolitan,” and the author of “Crooked Little Vein.” Read his tweets for disturbing, yet insightful thoughts.

76. Alan Moore: Alan is the eccentric creator of comics such as “The League of Extraordinary Gentleman” and “Watchmen,” which were both made into movies. Find out how he feels about that by reading his tweets.

77. Joe Quesada: He has created comics and is the editor in chief at Marvel comics. Get a ton of comic and geek related tweets by following him.

78. Scott Allie: Scott is a writer and editor for Dark Horse comics. Check what’s new with their publications or find out what interests Scott by following his tweets.

79. Geoff Johns: He writes comics for DC, including “Green Lantern” and “The Flash.” Many of his tweets are on what he does and does not like.

Famous Gossip Writers You Can Follow on Twitter

Don’t feel like spending money on a tabloid? Then follow these tweets to get the latest in celebrity gossip and news.

80. Perez Hilton: He skyrocketed to fame after launching a tell all website on the inside lives of Hollywood. Tweets often include celebrity related topics.

81. E! Online: This channel is best known for getting the latest in Hollywood scoop. You can get loads of celebrity related tweets by following E!

82. Joel McHale: Joel is the host and writer of the popular E! show, “The Soup.” His tweets are just as funny as the show.

83. Giuliana Rancic: She is best known for her role on E! News. Get the latest rumors, fashion tips, and more from her tweets.

84. Defamer: Gawker often posts on Hollywood and other famous celebrities. Most tweets include the latest gossip headlines from the website.

85. Michael Ausiello: Mike provides the latest in television news and scoops. Tweets often involve which shows are getting picked up and which are cancelled.

86. MTV: Music Television News is a great place to catch up on your favorite singers, actors, and bands. Get the latest music releases, tour info, and more from their tweets.

Best Collection Of Writers To Follow On Twitter

These writing teams tweet on everything from the latest news to technology, fashion, and more.

87. The New York Times: This leading publication is “where the conversation begins.” Tweets often include the latest headlines.

88. The Onion: “America’s Finest News Source” is made up completely of fabricated and hilarious stories. Get the latest additions via Twitter.

89. NPR Politics: National Public Radio specializes in political coverage and conversation. Headlines in politics often make up their tweets.

90. TIME: This magazine has been around for decades and is famous for its “Person of the Year” issues. In addition to politics, you can get links to many informative and amusing articles.

91. BBC Click: The BBC is one of the most recognizable channels in the world and “Click” is its show that is entirely devoted to technology. Get tweets on the latest in all technology, gaming, computers, and more.

92. Guardian Tech: This famous newspaper is based out of The United Kingdom and has a popular section for technology. Tweets include the latest tech news and reviews.

93. The Moment: This is the popular fashion blog of “The New York Times.” Get the latest in fashion news and trends by following their tweets.

94. U Stream: Move over, YouTube, U Stream is taking over the way the average person broadcasts themselves over the internet. Get tweets on the latest additions to this interesting and wily site.

95. Nightline: This ABC show has made hosts such as Ted Koppel famous. Tweets involve the latest news and they even invite other twitter users to join in on debates.

96. BNO News: Breaking News Online is a leader in news on the internet. Tweets often include headlines from the United States and abroad.

97. Health Magazine: This leading publication offers the best in men’s, women’s, and children’s health. Get the latest in health news, and even reviews, by following their tweets.

98. Guy Kawasaki: Guy heads up Alltop, an internet magazine that is regularly updated. Tweets involve headlines, questions, and thanks for his followers.

99. CNN: The entire network focuses on breaking news, weather, and much more. Tweets update the stories they are working on.

100. Fox News: A controversial source of news, their headline is “We report. You decide.” Tweets include news updates on world, politics, business, health, and more.

Everyone from aspiring writers to the award winning or just looking for an insightful view will appreciate the tweets of these famous writers for print, screen, and web.

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