100 Best Scholarly Art Blogs

October 10th, 2005

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Students, artists, and scholars will enjoy these 100 blogs, sites, tools, and resources to help them learn a great deal about their craft, along with what other top artists are doing.

Best Art News

Artists looking to stay ahead of the curve should visit the below sites for the latest in art news and much more.

1. Scene & Herd: Part of Art Forum, this blog is a collection of the latest news, exhibits, and more from the art world. In addition to the regularly updated diary, you can get picks, an art guide, previews, talkback, and much more.

2. Art Daily: Established in 1996, this was the first art newspaper to be published on the internet. Sections include artists, galleries, museums, photographers, and a massive archive.

3. ArtsBeat: “The New York Times” runs this blog on culture news and views. Stop here for breaking stories about the arts, coverage of live events, interviews with leading cultural figures, critical reviews, and multimedia extravaganzas.

4. Speakeasy: Produced by “The Wall Street Journal,” this blog covers the latest in art happenings from across the nation. You can also get sections for film, music, books, stage, and more.

5. Absolute Arts: Read the latest on contemporary art on this regularly updated blog. You can also get information on the latest trends, research, and artists can even start their own blog.

6. Art News Blog: Visit her for a selection of visual art news, art reviews, and the more interesting art news stories published daily. Their most popular entries include art scammers and the most expensive living artist.

7. The Art Newspaper: You can read excerpts from this leading publication online, or download the latest edition as a PDF. Sections include news, museums, features, market, books, conservation, and opinion.

8. The Guardian: This newspaper is published in the United Kingdom and has a special section for art and design. You can get art news, along with reviews, comments, and special features.

9. Artkrush: An email magazine, it covers international art, design, and architecture. It often gathers post from around the world and features them here, and you can also subscribe online for free.

10. Coxsoft Art News: This blog previews London art exhibitions and reports on anything of special interest in the visual arts worldwide, from ice sculpture to body painting. Although focusing mostly on art within the city limits, artists from around the world can many interesting works of art.

Best Art Critic Blogs

Those looking to get inside the heads of leading art critics will enjoy the below blogs.

11. CultureGrrl: Lee Rosenbaum writes this award-winning blog as a guide to the art world, consulted daily by the most important museum directors and curators, art dealers and auctioneers, collectors, scholars, critics, journalists, and art lovers. A veteran culture journalist, Lee’s posts vary from lectures to reviews to art related thoughts.

12. We Make Money Not Art: These bloggers visit art galleries, listen to conferences, interview creative people, and document their findings in order to share them with you. You can view the latest or choose from a ton of artistic categories and beyond.

13. Modern Art Notes: Tyler Green is an art critic that regularly lectures and writes about it. In his award winning blog, he posts on modern and contemporary art, along with what he does and doesn’t like.

14. Looking Around: This blog contains the reflections on art and architecture by “Time” magazine’s critic, Richard Lacayo. A good read for lovers of architecture, as well as art.

15. Artopia: John Perreault has written about art for a number of years, specializing as an art critic for “The Village Voice” and “The Soho News.” His blog contains the evaluations of the art he sees in galleries, museums, public spaces, and sometimes even in artists’ studios.

16. Bloggy: Barry Hoggard lives in New York and is the co-editor of the arts calendar ArtCal, in addition to being its software developer. He often travels to view exhibits and posts pictures on thoughts on the blog.

17. Conscientious: Jörg Colberg reviews fine-art photography and more in his blog. Photos can be racy, but his reviews are definitely worth a look for what inspiring artists can expect from critics.

18. The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research: This blog focuses on news and reviews from around the New England area. In addition to the blog, you can also learn about the founder and Invisible Museum, along with the medical aesthetics of New England.

19. The Art Blog: A team of bloggers post on art reviews, deep thoughts, and gossip. Get reviews for art fairs, books, and even useful videos.

Best Art Communities

Artists looking to connect with each other, buyers, and critics will enjoy looking into or even joining the below online communities.

20. Arts Journal: Founded in 1999, the site is a digest of stories culled from more than 200 English-language newspapers, magazines and publications featuring writing about arts and culture. You can read one of the dozens of art related blogs on this site, or start your very own.

21. MyArtInfo: Artists who are serious about getting their work out there will love this site. Artists are constantly rated and featured, and those that get good marks can be featured on the homepage often. You can also chat, get information on education, and the site comes in many different languages.

22. ArtByUs: Created in 2004, this community provides a platform for art collectors, art representatives, art galleries, interior designers, and the general public to connect with artists from around the world. Members can post to the main blog, list their information, read the latest news, and more.

23. Artlog: This community promotes great art and allows you to connect with people, share your work, and discover innovative new art. In addition to the community, you can also get information on upcoming exhibits, openings, open calls, and jobs.

24. Artists Unite: A nonprofit organization, AU is dedicated to providing quality arts programming and to helping artists of all genres collaborate on projects. You can read the blog, get reviews, interviews, and view the benefits of membership.

25. Art & Perception: This is an international group blog for discussion of the latest art topics. After posting a guest entry, you may be asked to join the community as a regular poster.

26. Sketchercise: This group was recently started on Ning for those who love to draw. Share your work, view the works of others, or use the site to connect with other artists.

27. Wet Canvas: This site is dedicated to cyber living for artists. It contains over 180,000 members, 1,600 posts, and over a dozen channels dedicated to different art content.

28. Art Forum Australia: This site is ideal for Australian artists or those who love art from this region. Join one of the many forums, containing hundreds of posts or read one of their many how-to articles.

29. Blasting Art: Lovers of anime art will enjoy this community designed just for them. Members can share, browse, upload, download, rate, comment, vote, fav, sell, or purchase art with lots of entertainment stuff included.

Best Art Lover’s Blogs

The below blogs are written by people with many different professions but all with a love of art.

30. Smart History: Stop here for a massive collection of art history podcasts and videos. You can also visit their website for tons of other artistic resources.

31. C-Monster: This blogger covers the art industry and its many by-products. Popular posts include Damien Hirst’s diamond skull, Francesco Vezzoli’s “Greed,” and ten tips that will make art last forever.

32. Artrift: Rick Vesser runs this blog dating back to January 1998. Categories include everything from Agnes Martin to Visser.

33. New Curator: Based in the United Kingdom, this blog covers a wide variety of art topics. Get the latest news and opinions from this blogger’s unique point of view.

34. Art As Authority: This blog is dedicated to critical discussion about art as filtered through San Diego and beyond. The bloggers often view and review works of art both locally and abroad.

35. Arts in Houston: Get the latest on exhibit information from across the city, along with previews and reviews. There are also sections for film, stage, books, and more.

36. Paige West: Paige is a curator of a large private contemporary art collection, founder of a gallery called Mixed Greens, and an all around contemporary art addict. Read the latest goings on in this New York gallery, as well as the showings and even a contest.

37. Art Blog By Bob: Bob writes about how art asks questions and helps us look for, if not find, the answers. He often examines and interprets works of art that fascinate him.

38. The Art Life: This Australian art lover often posts on art work that interests her. You can also get tons of useful links for Aussies and beyond who love art.

39. Your Daily Art: Martha is from Cleveland and enjoys art history. She gives readers a piece of art, a little background, and leaves the rest up to them.

40. Art Blogging LA: Stop here for the latest in West Coast art. Topics include exhibitions, interviews, news, previews, and more.

41. Akrylic: Randy Gladman is a Toronto-based art critic, curator, and consultant. He blogs mostly on contemporary art projects that interest him.

Best Artist’s Blogs

Read the blogs and view the works of those who create art as their profession.

42. GalleryDriver: Get your art fix here, where you can find out what’s new at over 50 art blogs on one page. You can view the featured galleries and artists, or take a look at their specialty software.

43. Art21: Also known from the PBS series, “Art in the 21st Century,” this blog is dedicated to increasing knowledge of contemporary arts, igniting discussion, and presenting contemporary artists at work and in their own words. You can get interviews with top artists, along with tips and videos.

44. Core 77: Artists who enjoy industrial design will enjoy this online magazine created by a community of artistic bloggers. Get loads of resources for artists, including what’s hot, interviews, and even a jobs & portfolios section.

45. Making A Mark: Katherine is an artist who enjoys drawing, writing, and sharing information living in London. Her focus is on drawings with pastels, pencils, pen, and ink. Her popular blog includes many interesting art related topics.

46. Control>Alt: Leith O’Malley is a contemporary painter from South Oz, Australia. Get information on the latest exhibits, along with links to the artist’s paintings.

47. Jafabrit’s Art: The artist is a cheeky geordie lass in living Yellow Springs, Ohio, whose blog is a virtual sketchbook for her creative meanderings. In addition to her regular posts, you can also find links to her unusual and interesting work.

48. DaniDraws: Dani Jones is a freelance illustrator and features illustration advice, painting tutorials, video demos, and other miscellaneous content related to art. In addition to the advice on drawing, you can also see videos of Dani drawing live.

49. Urban Painter William Wray: Bill is currently concentrating on fine art oil painting, but used to work in comics. His posts showcase his new work or art that he finds interesting.

50. Lines And Colors: Charley Parker is a webcomics artist, illustrator, and website designer living in Philadelphia. Get tons of useful information from him including how not to display artwork on the web, 3D CGI, illustration, techniques, and much more.

51. Kirsty Hall: Kirsty is an artist and curator living in the United Kingdom. Get thoughts on art, her own work, and daily musings.

52. Laurelines: Laura Murphy Frankstone is an artist living in North Carolina, traveling the world, and sketching what she sees in the process. Read her blog or view her many galleries.

53. The Flog: Fette is a French visual artist who currently lives in Los Angeles and started The Flog as a way to connect with the city’s flourishing art scene and to promote the work of the artists working here. You can get a calendar of upcoming events, links to galleries, or even special posts from Berlin.

Best Artist Inspirational Blogs

Theses sites are the best to visit if you are going through artist’s block or having trouble getting started.

54. MoMA Online Activities: One of the leading museums of modern art in the world, it has many options to inspire artists. You can download free audio of the museum’s special exhibitions, get online projects, get resources for K-12 teachers, or even watch a video of a famous artist.

55. Take A Fresh Look: Not quite a blog, but this resource from the famous Louvre Museum is worth a look for its 3D features alone. You’ll find a range of modules for an in-depth look at a subject, “Closer Look” studies, mini-sites to accompany museum exhibitions and events, and the louvre.fr magazine.

56. Inspire Me Thursday: Just as the title says, each week artists are inspired through art, photography, and many related links. In addition to the recommended readings and websites, you can also take part in an art challenge.

57. Empty Easel: This online art magazine is full of practical advice, tips, and tutorials for creating and selling art. You can get tutorials, business advice, research, view the featured artist, or even submit your own work.

58. ArtsConnectEd: Explore hundreds of new features in with over 100,000 resources in the Art Finder, including works of art, texts, audio, video, and interactive resources. You can even rate, leave a comment, or use the collector to save your selections.

59. Art.com: Stop by for a massive collection of art prints, posters, and more to get you inspired. Subjects include abstract, motivational, still life, and many more.

60. Sketchcast: View some of the sketches of many artists, including how they did. You can also record and post your own sketch, with or without audio.

61. Greg.org: Greg takes you behind the scenes in the making movies and art. Get inspired by seeing how the professionals do it from his point of view.

62. Today’s Inspiration: Leif takes many images from the nostalgic 40’s and 50’s and posts them on his blog for inspiration. In addition to the many photos and artwork, you can also get useful related links.

Best Children’s Art Blogs

Parents, teachers, and children of all ages will enjoy these blogs, sites, and resources.

63. Virtual Academy: Offered by the Hermitage Museum, this site is dedicated to educating children on the arts. You can get free lessons on Rembrandt, ancient Rome, Biblical subjects, and more.

64. Imaginopolis: Tony DiTerlizzi is the illustrator from the popular children’s book “The Spiderwick Chronicles.” Enter his site to read the blog, view his artwork, and get inspiration.

65. Gurney Journey: James Gurney created his blog for illustrators, comic artists, plein-air painters, sketchers, animators, art students, and writers. Illustrator of the “Dinotopia” books, he gives practical tips and insights.

66. A Girl Who Creates: Holli Conger is a children’s illustrator, among many other trades. Visit her blog to view her work and learn more about what she does.

67. Tom’s MAD Blog: Any artist interested in caricature and cartoon art should check this blog out. Categories include freelancing, on the drawing board, sketch o’ the week, tutorials, and the wall of shame.

68. Artists Helping Children: Visit here for projects from artists for children on crafts, coloring, activities, and more. Seasonal projects include Father’s Day and Fourth of July.

69. Drawn! The Illustration and Cartooning Blog: Drawn! is a collaborative blog for illustrators, artists, cartoonists, and anyone who likes to draw. Visit for a daily dose of links and creative inspiration.

70. Gelatometti: Kids who like drawing comics will enjoy this blog. It shows you how to draw your favorite characters with videos, sketches, and more.

71. Art Junction: Kids, parents, and teachers will enjoy this site for a wealth of ideas and project for the art minded child. Projects include an artistic hat, visual push ups, and a gallery to display it all in.

Best Museum Blogs

These blogs are written by some of the top museums in the nation and contain entries on art, photography, and much more.

72. Eye Level: Produced by the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the site is dedicated to American art and the ways in which the nation’s art reflects its history and culture. Get updates and analysis of the work featured at the museum by reading the blog.

73. The Lacma Blog: The Los Angeles County Museum is home to some of the world’s most interesting and inventive art. The blog contains popular posts such as urban light, photography, and mystery train.

74. Brooklyn Museum: Get the latest goings on and exhibits from this New York Museum. They blog on art work, the costume collection, photography, things that are rarely on view, and much more.

75. Indianapolis Museum of Art: This museum blog posts on a variety of subjects including art, current events, marketing, the new media, and technology. Many posts deal with art related topics in everyday life.

76. The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth: Blog entries regularly include the different artwork featured there, along with the installation process. They also have useful podcasts and other resources on their main site.

77. Bay Area Discovery Museum: Parents and children will enjoy reading this blog on family oriented art. They also have science and discovery related material designed for kids and grown ups.

78. Museum 2.0: Nina is a designer and researcher of different museum experiences. She posts on the inside work of museums, along with tips for how to make them better.

79. The Uncataloged Museum: Linda just completed four months as a Fulbright Scholar in Ukraine and continues her work as managing partner of a firm working on exhibitions, interpretation, and planning. Her blog focuses on the current state and future of museums.

Best Art Photography Blogs

Because some of the best art is captured through a lens, make sure to visit the below for the best in artistic and historical photography.

80. Lens: The photojournalism blog of “The New York Times,” Lens presents the best photos, videos, and slide shows taken by its top photographers. Visit here for galleries of images from the past and present, along with stories related to them.

81. Photo Essays: “Time” magazine has tons of photo essays and interactive graphics for the art and photography minded. You can get photos of the week, multimedia essays, and many on historic events.

82. Photography: Get impressive pictures, galleries, photo tips, and biographies from “National Geographic.” Popular galleries include Mysterious Earth, Life in Color: Purple, and Island Aerials.

83. Your World in Pictures: “Life” magazine has been around for decades and has archived their photos by the millions on this site. Popular galleries include Adolf Hitler: Up Close, The World’s Bloodiest Battles, and many exclusive and unpublished photos.

84. Astronomy Picture of the Day: Each day NASA brings you a different image of our fascinating universe, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer. The archive goes back for years and contains hundreds of photos.

85. Gallery Hopper: Todd Walker posts his thoughts on fine arts photography, visual culture, and includes raw reading material. He often posts the latest in photography news, along with his opinion and a link to the shot in question.

86. Peripheral Vision: Lynda combines her nature photography, Abstract Expressionist paintings, and digital art with ideas about life, the creative process, and preserving our planet. Find many of her works on the blog, along with her thoughts and musings.

87. Images of the World: This site is dedicated to people who would love to travel, but can’t. Get hundreds of images from all seven continents and even a best of the best section.

88. Picture of the Day: Kodak allows photographers from across the globe submit their photos for online publication 365 days a year. In addition to viewing the pictures and submitting your own work, you can also get inspirational photo stories, as well as tips from the pros.

89. Mystical Photography: Frederic Larson has been a photojournalist at “The San Francisco Chronicle” for more than 25 years and has covered all types of assignments from fires to football to celebrities. View his photos of cityscapes, fog, and people, with a brief explanation of each photo.

Best Art Resources

Visit the below sites to make the most of your art work or just to have some art related fun.

90. The Art List: This site contains information on art contests, competitions, and opportunities for visual artists and photographers. The submissions database is continually being updated with listings, and they also offer a digest of featured art calls and opportunity announcements in monthly newsletters.

91. Art Puzzles: Visit here for tons of online jigsaw puzzles with an art theme. They are all free for download and include the Eiffel Tower, the statue of David, and many more famous works of art.

92. Linkism: An online art directory, it gives you access to fine artists and resources. Get listing for galleries, photography, design, and even specialty art.

93. ART Search: Another online directory, you can find listing in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. You can find artists, galleries, shows, prints, antiques, and much more.

94. Explore Leonardo’s Studio: Although no one knows what the master’s studio really looked like, the BBC has equipped the room with what Leonardo might have had to hand. Just click to enter the flash animated site, complete with many of his famous projects.

95. ARTINFO Gallery Guide: This helpful site will allow you to find a gallery by specialty, country, or even locally. You can even submit your own gallery, event, and art party photos, or take a virtual tour of the featured galleries.

96. Jackson Pollock: Create your own Pollock-like painting with the simple motion of the mouse and click of a key. Especially fun for children or artists low on supplies.

97. The Renaissance Connection: The Allentown Art Museum’s interactive educational web site allows you to travel 500 years into the past to discover many Renaissance innovations. Enter the virtual gallery as a flash or text/HTML site.

98. Pet Portraits: Leanne Wildermuth creates custom pet paintings for the asking. In addition to the blog, you can view her portfolio or even win a free portrait from the Freebies section.

99. On The Block: This blog covers the latest sales and sightings at the big semi-annual art auctions in New York from Christie’s, Sotheby’s, and Phillips de Pury & Co. It hasn’t been updated in over a year, but artists who see what has sold and how much it sold for can be quite interested and inspired.

100. One Million Masterpiece: Want to be part of the world’s largest collaborative art project? Then visit here to contribute a small square of your own artwork to this already massive project.

Everyone from the beginning artist to the award winning professional can find something of use, interest, or amusement on these top 100 scholarly art blogs.

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